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conservative treatment

Conservative therapy means treatment without surgery.


There are numerous forms of this therapy, some of which can also be combined well. The various forms of therapy are also offered by various institutes and specialists. We are happy to support you in the planning, implementation and control of treatment.

We support athletes together with trainers and supervising pyhsiotherapists in optimizing their training and their special sports shoes with regard to performance and injury prevention.


The following forms of therapy are often used to treat foot complaints:

Orthopedic Technology:

  • This includes shoe inserts, shoe adjustments and the supply of special shoes and orthoses

  • ankle bandages and aids for shoes and for correcting the position of toes are also used

  • We work intensively and easily in our network with orthopedic shoemakers to plan your therapy custommade for You

Physical therapy or physiotherapy:

  • the goal is to improve, restore and maintain the body's ability to move and function with specific exercises and external use of remedies

  • there are various specialized areas such as rehabilitative pyhsiotherapy or sports physiotherapy

Other forms of physical therapy:

  • occupational Therapy

  • Massages (classic, sport, ..)

  • Shock wave therapy, ultrasound, electrotherapy, balneo (bath) therapy

  • Thermotherapy (cold and heat applications)

Alternative forms of treatment:

  • acupuncture

  • acupressure

  • leech therapy

  • magnet therapy

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