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Second opinion

A second opinion can be useful before a surgical procedure and also in the event that a diagnosis is difficult to make or the improvement in symptoms is unsatisfactory.


Sometimes an explanation of the current situation from another side also helps to better assess treatment options. 


Patients are often referred for a second opinion by insurance companies or register themselves directly for this purpose.


In order to optimize your clarification and treatment in a speedy manner, we maintain intensive interdisciplinary cooperation with the following specialists in our network:


  • General practitioners, who know the patient best and coordinate the various specialties

  • orthopedists, sports physicians, rheumatologists, dermatologists, chiropractors and plastic surgeons

  • physiotherapists, sports physiotherapists, osteopaths

  • orthopedic technicians, orthopedic shoemakers, shoe stores

3D X-ray of the feet in standing position

With the first 3-D X-ray machine for complete imaging of both feet while standing, our technology is state of the art. With the PedCAT premium, we have the possibility to show details and problems that are not visible on conventional X-rays with an extremely low radiation dose compared to a CT image or a series of foot X-ray

Conservative treatment

Conservative therapy is the treatment without surgery. 


There are numerous forms of this therapy, some of which can be well combined. The various forms of therapy are also partly offered by different institutes and specialists. We are happy to support you in the planning, implementation and control of the treatment.


We support athletes together with trainers and supervising pyhsiotherapists in optimizing their training and their special sports shoes with regard to performance and injury prevention.​

Surgical treatment

The physicians of the Foot Center perform regular and routine operations on the forefoot, midfoot and hindfoot as well as on the ankle joint and also offer follow-up treatment and controls after operations. As affiliated physicians, we mostly use operating theaters and patient rooms at the Hirslanden Clinics St. Anna in Lucerne and in Meggen, as well as on a consultative basis at the Uster Hospital and on an outpatient basis at St. Anna in Lucerne Station.

Motion Analysis Lab

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer motion analysis at our foot center. 

In individual cases, such an examination can be organized. We kindly ask you to ask your health insurance or accident insurer for approval of the costs in advance, as this highly specialized examination is not a compulsory service and therefore unfortunately cannot be expected to be covered by the insurer.

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