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ConeBeam CT

X-ray: functional - quickly available - less radiation

The Cone Beam CT is a modern X-ray device that combines conventional X-ray imaging with the 3D & slice image display of a computer tomogram with low radiation.


This procedure helps foot and ankle specialists in particular with diagnostics and treatment planning.

Leading doctors and scientists in the field of foot and ankle surgery are increasingly relying on the advantages of this imaging method.

Our Foot Center is the first institution in Switzerland to offer this type of diagnosis (curve beam line up).

What are the advantages?

  • Quickly available procedure and simple reproducible position.

  • Significantly lower radiation dose than a CT scan of the same region.

  • Standing and therefore functional image. Problems that only occur under stress are thus visible for the first time in the slice image. This is not the case with CT computed tomography and MRI magnetic resonance imaging, as these are performed with the patient lying down.

  • Standardized images enable computer-aided measurement and comparison with other images (important for research and science).

  • Convenient imaging procedure for the patient. No forced positions have to be adopted and held for longer.

  • The exposure time is well under a minute. Patients can support themselves while standing and, if necessary, sit down (e.g. for fractures and after operations).

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Fusszetrum Luzern Cone Beam CT

Which pictures can be displayed?

CurveBeam LineUP Video

CurveBeam LineUP Video

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Would you like more information? Click here to go to the manufacturer's page (in English)

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