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New team member

October, 2021

The foot center team is called Dr. med. univ. Helena Pozgainer, specialist in orthopedics and traumatology of the musculoskeletal system, plus sports medicine, a warm welcome from January 2022.

New team member

October, 2021

The foot center team is called Dr. med. univ. Helena Pozgainer, specialist in orthopedics and traumatology of the musculoskeletal system, plus sports medicine, a warm welcome from January 2022.

summer edition Hallure shoes

August, 2021

For post-operative relief, we can now also offer our popular Hallure shoe in beige / pink and light blue.

gimedlab couleur bleu (petite).jpg
gimedlab couleur kaki(petite).jpg

New team member

Juli, 2021

The foot center team welcomes Mr. Domenico Catalano, medical masseur.

Team participation in the congress and course of minimally invasive foot surgery MIFAS University of Barcelona

Juni , 2021

New team member

January, 2021

The foot center team welcomes Ms. Vanesa Andric.


At the Lucerne Foot Center we take care of all patients with foot problems.


The foot center in Lucerne also treats lengthy complaints that could not be improved with therapies.

Frequent inquiries to us concern: hallux valgus (bunion), hallux rigidus, osteoarthritis of the foot and ankle, hammer toes, kink-lowering feet, complaints and injuries of the Achilles tendon and other tendons.



In order to identify the anatomy of your feet and the causes of complaints, we work with imaging procedures. In addition to conventional X-rays, slices such as MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and CT (computer tomography) can also be used.

The first cone beam CT in Switzerland has been used in the Lucerne Foot Center since June 2020 for the standing 3D and slice image display of both feet with low radiation exposure.

Joe Biden is definitely on his feet as the elected president. He sustained an injury to his foot that his doctor could see on a standing CT scan. In Switzerland this special technology is offered solely at the Lucerne Foot Center.

Joe Biden gets WBCT Scan to Assess his L
Minimally invasive & keyhole operations

- arthroscopic operations


- tissue-protecting techniques


- Avoidance of foreign material


- proven and new surgical techniques

- faster recovery

Coronavirus Pandemic IV

October, 2020; February 2021

The BAG has issued changing requirements for medical practices. You will be informed about this through the relevant notices from the BAG and the local institutions. Current restrictions that affect your stay in the foot center can be seen in our entrance area. Among other things, the mask requirement and the prohibition of an accompanying person apply in the foot center, according to the instructions of the BAG. Exceptions must be justified.


If you have symptoms that could be a sign of a COVID-19 disease, we ask you to postpone the consultations planned with us by telephone and to contact a COVID-19 hotline, a contact point of the health authorities or your family doctor.


Thank you for continuing to follow the recommendations for containing the corona pandemic. If you have any questions for us, we are happy to be reached by phone or email. You can call up further information directly on the pages of the actors:

Bundesamt für Gesundheit


Dienststelle Gesundheit und Sport Luzern

Coronavirus Pandemie III

September 19, 2020

Für Arztpraxen werden durch das BAG wechselnde Auflagen erlassen. Über diese werden Sie durch die entsprechenden Mitteilungen des BAG und die lokalen Institutionen informiert. Aktuelle Einschränkungen die Ihren Aufenthalt im Fusszentrum betreffen, sind in unserem Eingangsbereich ersichtlich.

Sollten Sie Symptome haben, welche ein Zeichen einer COVID-19 Erkrankung sein könnten, bitten wir Sie, die bei uns geplanten Konsultationen telefonisch zu verschieben und Kontakt mit einer COVID-19 Hotline, einer Anlaufstelle der Gesundheitsorgane oder Ihrem Hausarzt aufzunehmen.

Vielen Dank, dass Sie sich weiterhin an die Empfehlungen zur Eindämmung der Corona- Pandemie halten. 

Wenn Sie hierzu Fragen an uns haben, sind wir gerne auch telefonisch oder via Email für Sie erreichbar. 

New team member

June, August, 2020

The foot center team warmly welcomes Dr. med. Anne-Sophie Massy Budmiger and Mrs. Michelle Weissbeck.

New location

April, 2020

The foot center will be at the new location from June 2020

Töpferstrasse 5

even better accessible.


Improved equipment

With the first 3D X-ray device in Switzerland to display both feet standing up and our own infiltration room, we can offer you significantly better clarification and treatment.

New team member

April, 2020

The foot center team warmly welcomes Ms. Michelle Weissbeck.

Coronavirus Pandemic II

March 21, 2020

Please postpone all appointments in our foot center that are not absolutely urgent.


We would be happy to offer you further appointments in the future to compensate for the increased number of patients.

Scheduled operations must be postponed indefinitely. Only urgent operations and emergencies can still be carried out.

Please follow the recommendations to contain the corona pandemic.

If you have any questions for us, we are happy to be reached by phone or email.

Coronavirus Pandemie

March 3, 2020

In the current situation, you take an increased risk if you move around in public.


We kindly ask you to postpone all non-urgent appointments and controls at the Lucerne Foot Center by telephone.


We would be happy to arrange a new appointment with you and / or add you to a waiting list.


In the next few weeks we will strengthen our team and will be able to offer you appointments with a significantly shorter waiting time.

Happy New Year

December 31, 2019

We wish our patients and colleagues a Happy New Year and look forward to being there for you again from 3 January 2020.

New team member

January, 2019

The foot center team warmly welcomes Ms. Martina Duss.

4 Jahre Fusszentrum

Februar, 2019

Wir freuen uns über das Jubiläum und danken unseren Patienten für die schönen Kontakte sowie unseren Kollegen und Partnern für die gute Zusammenarbeit.

What questions should you ask before surgery?

- What questions should I ask

- When is the right time for the operation

- Are there  treatments without surgery

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We are pleased to be recommended in the "leading medicine guide" in 2021 and to be networked in it.

Do You Have Questions?

We are happy to advise you individually and answer your questions on/about your feet.


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